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November 2012
Vanessa de Lisle’s Fashion Newsletter

Dear Father Christmas. Fendi Baguette – Elsa Peretti Cuff

During a recent recce of the department stores for a client I paused and wondered what I would like were I shopping at the moment. Surrounded by a mass of stuff what did I believe was beautiful and lasting.  With this in mind and following on from my Chanel Blog here is another Great Designs of all Time. The Fendi Baguette launched in 1997 has that lasting perfection of practical and fun. Supremely modern more than an evening bag more than a day bag. Keeping the exact same shape, the fabric of the bag is completely individual; it could be leather, denim, beaded, patchwork, suede etc. Currently there is a re launch with new fabrications at and also a hot trade in 2nd hand or as we say now vintage. Here is one totally over the top from the Spring shows 2013 prices upwards from £500. I saw on line someone called DeVos has 75 of the darling bags. ho hum.  Rumour has it that Elsa Peretti is withdrawing the rights of Tiffany to manufacture and sell her designs. Well it has gone a bit mad with all those wonky silver hearts. The most beautiful bracelet is her bone cuff designed back in about 1969 but still as fresh and contemporary as ever. £700 in silver £7,000 in gold. I prefer the silver anyway. Great on a black sweater great on the beach well great anytime really and if we owned that one perfect cuff we may not need all those  bangles we have collected over the years.
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December 2012

Vanessa de Lisles Fashion Newsletter


If you want to have a look at the most truly luxurious fashion the Valentino exhibit at Somerset House is fascinating. The dresses are extraordinary. The names of Valentinos couture clients are tantalisingly pinned on the gilt chairs but we are not told who wore which dress.

This and the TV documentary about Claridges hotel set me thinking about Luxury and what it means and how we can have some without paying £5,ooo for a night in the grandest of hotels or have the delight of owning a couture dress.

When I was constantly travelling for magazines and as a consultant to the retail industry one of the things my travelling companions always said about hotels was how lovely to be in a tidy room without all ones clutter. Oh how we collect, how hard it is to part with stuff. We feel our stuff has some value because we own it. Its timely at Christmas to really think about what we want and need. Ironed white sheets. A few lovely clothes carefully chosen. Tidy cupboards with lots of space. An edited collection of clothes that do the right job for the right occasion. Fresh flowers, good food. Hopefully some nice pieces of jewellery that we love. Some helpful staff when possible. If we were to spend a night in Claridges we couldnt tangibly own the experience, hang it in the cupboard. So why do we feel we have to hang on to all our things.

Lets get the New Year off to a good start. Sorting out bulging cupboards, doing a bit of shopping to refresh our fashion style.

Helping people achieve this is exactly what I do!!! so if you find it all too overwhelming, call me and we can do it together” HAPPY CHRISTMAS

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Between now and when we might consider wearing pastels and all the vibrant colours of the Summer there is a colour palette of rich combinations that were very much around in the collections this fall. A clever mix of saffron, purple, chocolate brown, black as well as various greens and oranges. I think they are perfectly illustrated in thes two pictures from American Vogue, the models were photographed by Mario Testino in his house in LA

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