February 2013

Winserlondon.com new on-line collection

Don’t you love something on line that’s as sleek and edited as this launch collection, www.winserlondon.com the new fashion site created by Kim Winser OBE (ex Pringle Aquascutum etc)  Discreet chic; the clothes, ideal for wardrobe building, a great mix of pants, tops, sweaters and dresses packed with things that I defy anyone not to need.

I went to the press day and so have had the opportunity to do a touchy feely run round the collection and it is delectable. The fabrics are great, the shapes well thought out ,on the edgy side of simple. The big shirts are big enough – the pants slim enough or indeed wide enough nothing middling oh don’t we hate middling. I love the simplicity.  These are clothes to wear as shown in the piccies or to use as a base for our own quirky style. Perfect teamed a Marni jacket or a fluorescent scarf.

I loved it so much I was asked to contribute to some of the style pieces that are part of the editorial content on the site.

My picks, well, love the pants and the knits, particularly the luxurious cashmere Audrey sweater in white and the Parisian cardy which I have bought in navy.

Both these pieces cover that smart casual thing that is really the way we dress now when we are not working at home slob at the office corporate or at a party party so smart casual is pretty much all the rest of my social engagements from drinks with neighbours to the opera.

While I’m thinking of smart casual I saw this F. Scott Fitzgerald quote on the internet “The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function”  pretty much describes our thinking when grappling with this dress code.  Happy Shopping.

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