My hairdresser was aghast when I said I wouldn’t be taking a hairdryer on hols, we were discussing the impossible 23 kilo weight allowed for a suitcase on British Airways, long haul – how dare they. She takes hers even if she only has carry on. Chuck out the shoes clothes anything she said you must have good hair. Ho hum – its true staying with friends or in a hotel and the hairdryer angst begins, one borrows, awful old things that fart out a puff of air and no chance of a smooth encounter with the mirror. Suppose now we don’t have to take books and the kindle rules, it evens out.

I went to Harrods to buy something fab,to discover they had only three Options, so I brazenly asked a hairstylist there (they only sell them in the salon environs now) what he thought. “Parlux” he said the only brand worth bothering with. Oh fashionistas I dare say you know all about Parlux one of these new generation hairdryers but I didn’t. So squillions of pounds later from Amazon, I have the smallest lightest hi tech Ferrari motor ion gushing thing and its coming with me. PS these little gems are Italian, well they should know. Oh and they don’t sell them in Harrods.

While on the subject of weight, if you all turn left in the plane and can take your Vuitton suitacsees hither and yon look away now, buit I will be sitting upright for 16 hours at the back of the bus.
My tips are to always take your best clothes. Wear a white cashmere sweater on the beach, and out to dinner. Box fresh t shirts in black and white. Stick to a colour scheme ish and don’t take anything that needs tweeking. Change the mood with scarves,jewellery and attitude. Always pretend you are dressed right and everyone else will. Borrow macs and coats if your hot jaunt turns to rain. I always take some version of the black longish t shirt dress that with an over shirt or sweater looks lie a skirt it works over a swim suit or for dinner with sparkling jewels and of course that perfect hair.
Packing neatly doesn’t matter anymore its all about kilos. I have ditched my trusty cases that have been all over th world with me and bought feather light new ones. We will just have to accept we will get bored of our clothes choices.