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Print and pattern by Elizabeth Walker


So thrilled Elizabeth Walker has produced a new book as I love her first Style Book fashionable inspirations.

The new one is called pattern and print. Here we have a fashion romp through all the designs we wear and a reminder of their provenance. The format is the same, a really chunky book with hundreds of piccies. Most of which I have never seen before which is doubly fun. Liz has a great editing eye honed over years of fashion life in the world of glossies. Every spread is a witty surprise and I recommend it to all and sundry.

The language of print and pattern always fascinates. We notice how the designers zig zag to and fro in time and place capturing the eternal magic of icat or flowers. Bridget Riley stripes say modern, fairisle says country.

We can place a photograph exactly just by looking at the print on the dress.

So here is a book good for fashiony girls and a necessity for the libraries of design teams. I wish I had both books when I was working as a fashion consultant.

Too late for me to add to my mood boards, so its feet up in the garden with a glass of wine to be inspired.

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personal_shopping_illustration_shoesIf you have come to my blog and not seen my website, here’s a bit about me. After a long career in fashion; I started out in the early 70s working for Ossie Clark. Then I was a fashion editor both at Vogue and Harpers and Queen. Later a consultant to the industry with clients like Marks and Spencer. Currently I am a Wardrobe Coach and Personal Shopper and write about fashion for the on-line clothing website Winserlondon. As you can see by this long career I am no teenager. So I guess my blog is more fashion focused on the real than the surreal.        Vanessa


Hangers recommended by The Fashion Cupboard for neat space saving tidy storage.

You will need more than you think! I suggest 2 boxes of the non slip hangers (100) I box of both the trouser hanger and the clip hangers (50) Morplan deliver free on all order over £85.00 so that’s easy.

I buy a lot of supplies from them, rails, dress bags etc. they will take orders on the phone and will send a paper brochure on request.

For some reason I cant get my text where I want it or in the same font but im sure you can work it out.

Curved non slip black hangers. Width 46cm/18 inches code 83360 approx £40 a box of 50 that’s only 80p each a huge saving on the same ones from a department store.

Trouser Hangers in wood look laminate width 37cm/15 inches code 83561 approx. £55 box of 50 These are very neat for trousers and take up so little space.

Sliding peg hangers, for skirts and for evening trousers crepe etc. approx. 20.00 for a box of 50

Sliding peg hangers, for skirts and for evening trousers crepe etc. approx. 20.00 for a box of 50

For those special clothes where there is plenty of cupboard space, padded hangers are lovely.
The hangers I hate and don’t really work are the huge clattering wooden hangers so loved by the oldies. fine for mens suits maybe but for nothing else.

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Most of us need to do an annual edit of our clothes. Trimming the amount of sweaters, weeding out the mistakes, pruning the tired. Cutting back on clothing and shoes to what we really love and need.

Lets think about it as streamlining our cupboards rather than clutter busting, after all unless we are nudists we all wear clothes. Clothes are a very important part of our lives, who we are, but we must be comfortable with our choices.

Starting is the hardest thing but it brings its own momentum. Some people are very good at this and manage on their own. Most of my clients have been meaning to grapple for many years but just haven’t got started.

Having too many clothes can have a disturbing effect on our emotions. It is also exhausting especially if we spend time thinking about our possessions and what we should do about them.

It’s a bit like an architectural dig, unearthing parts of our lives. It takes courage but do it with kindness.

There is no need to feel guilty about money spent in the past. We have had the experience of each garment good or bad. Imagine going out to dinner in an expensive restaurant or going on holiday, we have had the experience spent the money, we don’t expect to hang the holiday in our wardrobes for ten years.

Sometimes I take a garment in my hands and it can make me feel quite low. I may have tried and failed to part with it before.  I say to myself do I feel good when I wear this. does it work in my life is it sexy or business-like would I buy it today, do I want to continue wearing this?  If I have any hesitation it means it’s not for me now.

When we part with things the opposite is true, clients expect to be sad or depressed when they see the amount they are parting with but in fact it makes people feel incredibly relaxed, it give peace of mind and relief from worry. Isn’t that the best feeling in the world?

Pruning done, now lets sit in the garden and the smell the flowers.

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