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Archive: Dec 2013

White is Right


Whoosh that’s 2013 almost gone and its nearly two months since I sent out my newsletter. I was going to write about lamé and all things bright and beautiful but there is always such an overdose of merry twinkle and sparkle we are being urged to buy I preferred to look forward.

I have studied the catwalk collections spring summer 2014.  Now I see that Pre-Fall 2014 (ie clothes for next winter that will be delivered some time in August) has unveiled this week. It seems prescient to get our eye in for the new season. To say white is trending for Summer is a bit obvious but there we are, it is. Top-to-toe white, optic laundry white, right through all the shades to burnt cream. What is new, is that this mix of whites are worn together. There are dozens of ditzy dotty frocks and weird angled  geo cuts on offer. Best in show, chic, sharp tailoring. Say smart white jacket to me and up pops the snap of Mick and Bianca. That YSL jacket would do us now. The jacket on the right is Alexander McQueen and it’s pretty fantastic. Helmut Lang is always a cert for a white jacket. White trousers in crepe, wide and fluid are a must buy immediately to wear for the first dinners of the new year teamed with a black “smoking”. Shop on line for a great pair. £295



Shimmer Glimmer


Lanvin Summer 2014 was another collection that definitely did not shout St Tropez. It was very dark and urban. Marc Jacobs also showed unsummery creations for the same season. Is it because these clothes have already been delivered in store in December or is it because the seasons are blurred as fashion becomes global? Women who buy at the top of the market don’t just pop out to shop for a holiday Tee top but invest in a £5,000 dress for planned future occasions which may be in New York or Dubai. Alber Elbaz for Lanvin said that he loved the positive energy of shine. Shiny cars, shiny hair, shiny skin. The gleaming lame fabrics he used were exotic and shimmering. Prada also used slinky silver metallic fabrics. Hopefully we will see more of this at affordable prices. There is nothing like owning a jacket, top or shoe that glimmers in a subtle way. Rock concert anyone?