Before considering buying another pair of must have shoes I was thinking about rings. A client of mine recently was wondering if she liked her rings or was even wearing what she had. She said she rarely took her jewellery out of the house safe and day to day wore what was around on her dressing table. It seemed to be a mixture of rings bought here and there on holiday in Florence or Jaipur – and Estate Jewellery Victorian, Edwardian era.  She felt none of the rings worked together and oh well all a bit of a muddle.2013 12 RINGS

We wear our rings all day, every day. In the 21st century we are dressing for the school run, offices, airports, gardening and often don’t have time to get out something special for going out in the evening. Strange really when we take such trouble to dress well, somehow an Azzedine Alaia dress, worn in the evening and jeans worn in the morning needs jewellery altogether more thought out that will segue between both life zones.

I used this old magazine cutting, above left as a starting point for a group of rings that might look good together for an all day everyday look. On the right is a beautiful ring from modern and abstract in gold plate these rings cost from £210. Azza Fahmy is such a fascinating jeweller and she created this collection of rings for Matthew Williamson.


jewellery allsopp

During my ring research I met Disa Allsopp at her London studio where she beats her gold into beautiful rings that she will create with you. Her jewellery has a timeless Roman style that seems completely relevant and right for today. Her rings are in 18c gold and cost from £600 What is also lovely about her rings is the way they can be grouped and stacked together to create the multi ring look all in gold that I am liking right now. ps Disa has an amazing studio why did I take the snap with the kettle?



Ram Chandra,  I have seen a lot of Ram’s work on friends fingers and I just love his style. He only works in 22c gold which can be expensive. I have been meaning to get to visit him but have not yet managed to. I think he sells under the Talisman umbrella at Harvey Nichols but under a slightly different name. I particularly like the way he sets his stones. Pippa Small I am sure you all know. I just adore all her jewellery and feel she was one of the first to bring back this  traditional setting technique to get us away from the claw settings that though pretty are quite dated and impractical.

jewellery grima

Vintage jewellery is almost my favourite, fun to search for but so very expensive. Its incredible how Andrew Grima rings looks as relevant today as they did in the 60s. Elsa Peretti teardrop ring, sorry the picture doesn’t do it justice, is one of my all time faves. Its fun to collect and I saw some truly divine jewellery Bulgari, Van Cleef circa 1940s-1950s at the BADA Antiques fair last fall.