Most of us have some hoarding habit. Or are we just collectors? I am struggling with over 600 magazines and I MUST edit them down into a say manageable 200 – the ones with my absolute favourite spreads.
This is a good time of year to do some clothes editing too. In the UK summer is pretty short, but its light and the evenings are long. Dark cupboards don’t seem so daunting. And there are winter clothes to assess.

If the years slip by and you haven’t managed it yourself; get some help. I have worked with many clients who feel so light after their clothes have been sorted. They realize how the ownership has weighed them down. Surprisingly women often find it most difficult to get rid of things they have never really liked or worn much. Living in the hope perhaps that a mistake will suddenly and magically transform into something delicious. It wont, but at the same time I will put new clothes combinations together that may not have been thought of. While clearing out the old, I list possible new buys to complement what is owned. Also a wish list of next seasons must have newer looks.

May be you own things that will sell on ebay though it’s a bit hit and miss, designers like Isabel Marant easy, that nice Jaeger coat fraid not. So may be a little philanthropy down at the charity shop, we wont miss it. Ho Hum I better get to work on my magazines.

If you are not in a house cleansing mode, here are two treasures that are fun and frisky.
The skate shoe is the flat shoe of the moment at Prada costalot but they are around town at all prices.
A pair of new sunglasses takes up no room and these are a real wiz, by www.sheriffandcherry.com
Also sold at Browns and Liberty
See my web site for my details if you would like a professional wardrobe makeover.