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Archive: Sep 2014

Cashmere Addict

I’m Vanessa, I am a cashmere addict.

Without revealing my age – suffice it to say that when I grew up clothes were tweedy and scratchy, trendy was a mini Shetland sweater. I can remember meeting my first cashmere on a relation, it was a white cardigan brand new and I was hooked. Slowly slowly I started buying cashmere, often on sale.

So soft like wearing a kiss. Comforting, luxurious and actually very practical. I wash my sweaters in the washing machine. I wear them winter and summer. Simple shapes not really classic but not trixy either.

Single ply colourful cardys often from JCrew. Double and triple ply chunky sweaters that are light as a feather and can be convincingly country. Sleeveless vest tops for under suits and I confess to a large collection of shawls and scarves.

Currently I am hooked on a sweater called Audrey from I have cream and navy and am going for grey and black. They also have a long cardigan/coat called Audrey too, that I have in Black but as you see from the photo Cream is pretty yummy. The Winserlondon scarves and shawls fit the current mood for almost sheer yarns and a more lofty weave too.

Cashmere is the best jumper a girl can have, the go-to, never-let-you-down, universal flatterer. So I say put your cash into cashmere.2014 sept blog

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Boho Burberry

What a surprise! Who would have thought someone would create a new way to wear and play with scarves and shawls. The Winter 2014 Burberry show was a lovely trip to Bloomsbury portraying an artist’s muse. Longer skirts, hand painted jackets, tapestry bags and an array of printed shawls. Visit the site and you can see the whole show complete with piano and Paloma Faith singing at top screech. The Boho vibe is very London and it has been around the block a dozen times but it can still enchant. Also it is a good counterpoint to the minimal and stiff trend and it looks a lot better on the upper class girls. The traily scarves are huge, fine and secured front and back with a long narrow belt.
I know it’s for skinnies only, but none the less adorable for that. Doesn’t Cressida Bonas (photo by Mario Testino for Vanity Fair this month) just look young and so chic. The Burberry kit will cost a fortune, but the Hoxton Hussies will get it together from the vintage shop and mum’s stash of YSL shawls from the 70s. Then it’s off to the Country for the weekend. Hey Ho.2014 burberry

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