NOV 2014 best hair

Can’t promise you will have hair like Mrs Clooney but I’m happy if I don’t look like a massive dandelion. If you haven’t met the Cloud Nine O heated rollers, well they are totes-amaze. These are a massive leap forward for womankind. A new concept in heated rollers that was introduced into the market in 2010, something to do with heat induction technology, don’t ask.

Anyway they are the brainchild of millionaire Robert Powls, Yorkshire man, techno wizard, hair guru and chairman. He started life in the 60s with a hair salon in Ilkley and from then onwards to London and upwards to a yacht in the med. So he knows a thing or two about it all.

Hard to explain how they work – the pod heats up the rollers singly in 4 seconds. So one puts in the roller and heats the next one – no problems with interruptions or rollers getting to hot or cooling down while we take a phone call. The rollers are light and fuzzy so they stay in. They leave the pod cool and heat up in the hair, well it’s all a mystery. So much better than the trad rollers that are so slippery and heavy and too hot. The rollers are a shocking price but for me well worth it as I do my hair at home and it is quicker and smoother. There are deals to be had on line. I hear the straighteners are particularly good too.