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If my cashmere IS MY precious then my moth is Gollum The few pieces of Zoran I still own are particularly special. I found this old picture by Arthur Elgort the look minimal simple timeless.
Now for the moth napalm is my preferred method of war lavender sachets and cedar blocks are like going into battle with a twig.
We should replenish all our anti moth product twice a year but I usually manage once. The products are expensive but worth it.

We all know the moth prevention tactics washing freezing wrapping and all that, there are many articles on the subject. But however hard we try to prevent them new moth will come in with clothes not just vintage, but even new wool from the far east harbours the eggs. They fly in from next door, though the windows from loft to loft. Moths are rampant.
Watch out for moth in new carpets as there are moths in most carpet warehouses. I have two neighbours who had no moth till they re carpeted their houses.
The power fogger releases a poisen mist that kills the moth, I activate large canisters in my loft and mini ones in my clothes cupboards.
Pheromone sticky traps catches & deters moth also good for seeing if you have moth I always catch some.
Rentokil Moth strips I put these papers in amongst stored fabrics, scarves, sweaters that I keep I plastic boxes.
Zensect Moth balls in the pocket of all my stored jackets.
Rentokil Green hanging moth prevention
Moth control killer Spray I use this in the cupboards and anywhere else I think needs it like skirting boards etc.

Happy Hunting

Print and pattern by Elizabeth Walker


So thrilled Elizabeth Walker has produced a new book as I love her first Style Book fashionable inspirations.

The new one is called pattern and print. Here we have a fashion romp through all the designs we wear and a reminder of their provenance. The format is the same, a really chunky book with hundreds of piccies. Most of which I have never seen before which is doubly fun. Liz has a great editing eye honed over years of fashion life in the world of glossies. Every spread is a witty surprise and I recommend it to all and sundry.

The language of print and pattern always fascinates. We notice how the designers zig zag to and fro in time and place capturing the eternal magic of icat or flowers. Bridget Riley stripes say modern, fairisle says country.

We can place a photograph exactly just by looking at the print on the dress.

So here is a book good for fashiony girls and a necessity for the libraries of design teams. I wish I had both books when I was working as a fashion consultant.

Too late for me to add to my mood boards, so its feet up in the garden with a glass of wine to be inspired.