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Greek Romance

2014 greek blouse 2

Its been a while that I have been avoiding the ethnic trend, particularly the Indian embroideries and prints. Its not to say that I don’t still love the look on holiday but it can be rather ubiquitous.
That said I have always and eternally loved the Greek/Ukrainian/Russian embroidered blouse, usually in fine lawns but also in silk. I prefer the blue on white and find the cross stitch so have a line called Talitha created by the elegant Kim Hersov. In her blurb it says that it is a bohemian inspired collection for the modern jet-setter. Quite so. For this non jet setter, but I live in hope to join, I guess I will be boho in Balham.

The picture on the left has just gone on sale today! the picture on the right is me, gosh so many years ago, in Sardinia. I am wearing a silk blouse with blue embroidery that belonged to my grandmother and was also worn by my mother and me.



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    • vdelisle

      I know the Talitha brand is very expensive and they are not actually Greek but made in India Ho Hum we will just have to look for vintage or find a friend coming back from Greece.


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