more glasses

Check out for the photos by Tommy Tom of the Fashion Crowd at the collections. It is more inspirational than some magazine spreads. I particularly like seeing how the fashionistas put it all together and what they are picking to show case each season. Tommy Tom has just posted the Street Pix of the audience who are in Paris for Couture. Specs, sunnies and glasses for those who cant see so well,are the accessory du jour. Super important to be modern not mumsie and despite the crippling prices we get more bang or our buck than a new pair of earrings. So this spring don’t hold back on a re-look at what we wear everyday on our face. There are lots of new kids on the block designing glasses so no need to stick to Raybans or Calvin Klein or what is on offer at the optician. My current fave is Mondelliani I wear glasses so was looking at the optical frames N.Punto collection is all frames in fab colours check out miele and cel, that’s honey and turq to us.
Not the easiest to source unless you are going to Rome but well worth the effort. AUERBACH & STEELE, KING’S ROAD, LONDON WOLF&BADGER, LEDBURY ROAD,

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 08 57 53 (2)

Oh and if you are watching Cucumber the delish Freddie Fox is wearing Mondelliani specs