Chanel’s Fall show in Paris in March was set in a giant mock up of a supermarket. It looked wonderful and witty. Leafing through an old American Vogue I came upon a story by Steven Meisel also set in a supermarket it set me thinking, what do we actually wear when we are doing our food shop?  Recently I had to hide behind the cornflake packets, I was trying to avoid my ex boss from Harpers and Queen. I had walked out of the house feeling invisible. These days there are so many lovely easy at homey clothes there is no need to keep our worst old t shirts and be a mis matched mess. People often have piles of scruff stuff taking up so much room, “oh that’s for walking the dog, doing the gardening” they cry. Actually we only need a couple of things just in case we are going to clear out a garage. What we really need is lovely soft sweat pants, some dreamy cashmere, brand new t shirts. This season there is a wealth of choice for this sort of easy item.  I certainly should spend a bit more time and money on clothes that those of us who don’t go to the office wear day in day out. Clothes that are modern, look good at Yoga, book club, walking the puppy. Note to self look in the mirror before leaving the house.

supermarket heroines
SWEATPANTS There have never been so many brands supplying the most lovely easy to wear kit supernaret 3

DENIM Cashmere or cotton sweat pants and sporty blouson. nice worn with skate shoes – trainers – or Chelsea boots.

supermarket 22