Edit and re organize

We all need someone else to be our mirror. I will be your personal fashion editor; getting to know your life-style, understanding your fashion dream and helping you look wonderful and feel confident.

You will be amazed how quickly I can re-evaluate your existing clothes. I will sort through everything and, with an eye for emerging trends, pluck out the best, the classics, the favourites and work new looks and combinations.


Make way for the new

Clothes are like an un edited autobiography with the baggage of decades hanging there. There will be things that don’t represent you anymore. So its time for a tough “Love it or lose it” wardrobe edit.

Think of it as “the circle of life”!

There is a deep-rooted connection between what we wear and how we feel, that is why clothes are so powerfully emblematic, they represent who we are.

Good fashion management is both calming and liberating – even the right hangers improve the most chaotic cupboards.

Your wardrobe will be a Zen space, not a torture chamber!

There is no one better than Vanessa for straight-forward, down to earth advice. In helping one choose replacements for the albatrosses in the wardrobe, she is very clever – particularly for someone as conservative as myself.

Anna Harvey
Editorial Director
Condé Nast International